Upcoming work!

Hello all!

I’ve just updated the site with some new art under the “Snarky Animals” page. You will find therein what I have been spending most of my art time on lately - animals saying nice things and other animals cursing. These have been very popular at the most recent events I’ve tabled at, and I love making them! Expect them to be a staple from me from now on, and most of what you’ll see if you see me tabling somewhere!

I do have a ton more images to clean up and add to that page, but I’m more focused on creating more art at the moment than I am on updating the site as I build up my stock for shows and then online selling. I would certainly like to get at least a few of them up on Etsy, but am applying to a number of art shows and fairs in the coming months and want to make sure I have enough to show.

Speaking of the coming months - fall is coming soon! Last year I announced holiday commissions November 1st - this year I will be announcing them either October 1st or 15th - but if you are planning to request something, I strongly recommend contacting me sooner. Things get pretty tight once December hits, which is, of course, when most commission requests come in. I will, as last year, be raising commission prices come January 1st - so even if you don’t need the item before the new year, I will honor the 2019 price if you contacted my before 2020.

Thanks, everyone! I hope you are having a great week, and please don’t hesitate to contact me via the site or by email (trifoxatops@gmail.com) if you have any questions!