Life changes

Hi all! 

I am making a career shift from full time admin + part time music teacher + art in my spare time to full time music teacher + part time artist (and maybe some admin stuff if the right situation presents itself)!

It's a really exciting change for me, and I'm glad I'll be able to devote more time to both music my music and visual art. I am still working on writing Epilogue regularly, and hope to start drawing after I finish my next outline draft (and get down some thumbnails). 

I have a few items to add to the gallery, but please do follow me on instagram (@trifoxatops) if you'd like to see works in progress, sketches, and generally more up to date stuff. I have a few announcements I'm waiting to make (the Kickstarter for Clunkers should be happening soon!), and a few commissions coming up too.

As always, thanks for following me and my work!