Website up and running!

Hello all! As you can see, the website is up and running. Huzzah! Please let me know via the contact page or via email ( if anything is awry. I am still working on the site design - for now I'm just using a template - so things may change here and there. 

I've been giving Epilogue a little more attention lately, and have figured out several big edits that I'd like to incorporate before drawing any more pages. I am hopeful I'll have completed a small batch of them before the end of the year, and will begin posting in 2018 (date very tbd). 

I have a forest maiden acrylic painting in the works that should be finished soon, as well as the usual sketchbook miscellany that you can see on my Instagram

Commissions are open for the holidays, and I am looking forward to some relaxation and some solid art time!