#DAHWC, Holiday Commissions, and 2019 Pricing Changes

Hello all!

First of all, happy holidays! I just finished my submission for the Downtown Alameda Holiday Window Contest with Starland Music on Park Street, and had a great time! I’ve never done a window display before, and Starland has a huge amount of space (and great lighting!), so it was a little daunting, but I’m pretty happy with the results (although I definitely learned a few things from the whole process). You can find out more about the contest here, and you can vote for my window display via hashtag. Just take a picture of the display and post it to social media with the hashtag #DAHWC and make sure to mention that your vote is for the Starland display. Super easy!

Secondly, holiday commissions are in full swing and I am having such a good time creating them. So many adorable pups and kitties as well as some lovely human faces and even a non-living subject or two! For those of you who have already spoken with me, your commissions are either currently in process or will be next week. If you are interested in a commission but haven’t contacted me, don’t worry, you still have time!

I have time for at least 3 more commissions for those with a Christmas deadline - but make sure to let me know if you need it earlier, especially if you don’t live in the Bay Area and will need it to be shipped.

And finally, I will be raising my commission prices effective January 1st. This means that all orders received after 1/1/2019 will be at the new rates. After that date, sketch portraits will be $40, full portraits will be $80, and paintings will be $100-$120. The price change reflects both a big improvement in my own skill over the last year as well as the amount of time, effort, and detail I put into each piece.

Thank you for supporting me and my artwork - I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday season!


Life changes

Hi all! 

I am making a career shift from full time admin + part time music teacher + art in my spare time to full time music teacher + part time artist (and maybe some admin stuff if the right situation presents itself)!

It's a really exciting change for me, and I'm glad I'll be able to devote more time to both music my music and visual art. I am still working on writing Epilogue regularly, and hope to start drawing after I finish my next outline draft (and get down some thumbnails). 

I have a few items to add to the gallery, but please do follow me on instagram (@trifoxatops) if you'd like to see works in progress, sketches, and generally more up to date stuff. I have a few announcements I'm waiting to make (the Kickstarter for Clunkers should be happening soon!), and a few commissions coming up too.

As always, thanks for following me and my work!


OZ Sketchfest!

Hi everyone!

I have a few new pieces to be added here and there around the site, including a couple of items I did on Instagram for #OZsketchfest for the Oakland Zoo. It looks like my two sketches are up first this morning for the competition and I was caught unawares (shame on me)!

So, I will be taking a few pictures and scans late tonight when I get home from rehearsal for a proper update. The pictures in the "for sale" section in particular will be updated with some better lighting and placement.

Thanks for visiting my little site, and please let me know if you have any questions! You can contact me via the contact page, or by email at trifoxatops@gmail.com




Updates for 2018

Hi everyone!

I've been updating the site periodically with new artwork, and I just made a minor tweak to commission pricing (some down, some up!). I've been tending to spend more time on the color portraits, so they went up a little, and I've gotten faster at the lineart portraits, so they went down a little. 

In other news, I'm working on creating listings in my Etsy shop, so should have a few finished paintings up there for sale soon, as well as another place to purchase commissions from (that'll be the place to go if you'd prefer to pay by credit card).

Let me know if you have any questions!


Website up and running!

Hello all! As you can see, the website is up and running. Huzzah! Please let me know via the contact page or via email (trifoxatops@gmail.com) if anything is awry. I am still working on the site design - for now I'm just using a template - so things may change here and there. 

I've been giving Epilogue a little more attention lately, and have figured out several big edits that I'd like to incorporate before drawing any more pages. I am hopeful I'll have completed a small batch of them before the end of the year, and will begin posting in 2018 (date very tbd). 

I have a forest maiden acrylic painting in the works that should be finished soon, as well as the usual sketchbook miscellany that you can see on my Instagram

Commissions are open for the holidays, and I am looking forward to some relaxation and some solid art time!